Pictured above – Lead Counsellor, Jon Willemse with his son.

Our goal is to help you to keep going strong, on your journey through life.

Going Strong Counselling and Psychotherapy was founded on the principle that no matter how tough times and circumstances get or how hard the fight to deal with personal, social, professional or family-related issues can become, everyone deserves to be heard, understood and supported, with guidance tailored to each client’s situation and goals.

Through our confidential and secure online counselling sessions, we work with you to construct practical strategies, specifically designed to address difficulties and obstacles in your path, in order to enhance your control over the aspects of your life that contribute most to your happiness and overall wellbeing.

Prominent areas of focus include:

Some further areas of focus include career burnout, relationship or work-related issues, as well as feelings of being overwhelmed, underappreciated, ‘lost’, ashamed or alone.

“A few things I learned from my own experience engaging in therapy are that feeling weakened by life isn’t at all the same as being weak, that everyone feels alone and down sometimes and that letting someone give you a hand back up truly can help you move forward with renewed strength and purpose.”

~ Jon Willemse – Lead Counsellor

Going Strong Counselling and Psychotherapy

Founder of Going Strong Counselling and Psychotherapy – Jon Willemse

My passion for providing counselling and therapy services was first born from decades of experience, actively learning to cope with the effects of complex childhood trauma, emotional dysregulation, anxiety and depression. Some of these issues were compounded in my adult life with the arrival of my son, born with multiple, extreme physical and cognitive disabilities. While this circumstance came with a whole lot of love for and from our little boy, his arrival still radically altered our family’s future, adding struggles we could never have previously imagined.

Fortunately I found success in overcoming so many personal and lifestyle obstacles and this – combined with the power I found in working collaboratively with a therapist – strengthened my desire to help others cope with their own challenges, in healthy, realistic and ultimately empowering ways.

I’ve been privileged to have counselled across the age, gender and professional spectrums and in addition to a Bachelors Degree and a Graduate Diploma thereafter, my education in counselling and psychotherapy is current and always ongoing. My membership with the Australian Counselling Association supports my desire to continue to discover new and powerful ways to assist my clients.

My goal in life is to keep going strong, dealing with all obstacles that come my way in healthy and practical ways, so I can enjoy my future as much as possible.

My mission as a counsellor is to help others realize their own personal goals and pathways to happier futures.


YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL CONTACT@GOINGSTRONGCOUNSELLING.COM FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES, OR AS AN ALTERNATE WAY TO ARRANGE A BOOKING. Or call our 1300 54 57 51 Nationwide Call-back service, any time, day or night. Typical response time is 24 hours on weekdays.

Going Strong Counselling and Psychotherapy provides services online and via telephone across Australia.