Welcome to Going Strong Counselling and Psychotherapy

Well-being is realized by small steps, but is truly no small thing.

– Zeno of Citium (c. 300 B.C.E.)

our Counselling and Therapy services

We provide counselling and therapy sessions online, face-to-face via Zoom, or by telephone, Australia-wide.

Session types:

  • Standard Sessions Online: 50 minutes.
  • Standard Sessions Telephone: 50 minutes.
  • Extended Sessions: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Standard sessions may be booked by new and existing clients directly, here, on our website, or via email. Standard Sessions are $100.

Extended Sessions may be arranged via email, in a call back from us or during a session. Extended Sessions are $200.

PLEASE NOTE: Standard Sessions have been priced to be less than the gap amounts payable under multiple health care schemes, during this unprecedented high period of demand for quality mental healthcare services.

Primary areas of focus include:

Further areas of focus include: career burnout, interpersonal issues, as well as feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, ‘lost’, ashamed or alone.

Coping With Radical Life Changes

Life takes us all by surprise sometimes, in all kinds of ways. Coping with a changing life path can be a trial; but one that may eventually lead to triumph.

Finding New Ways Forward

What worked for us earlier in life can stop working as well, later on. Moving ahead with new coping strategies can make all the difference.

Living with Loss and Loneliness

Anyone who's experienced grief, separation or estrangement from those we care about most, knows that time does not always heal all wounds. Yet you don't have to go through loss alone.

Retaking Control and Going Strong

Pain, anger, shame, despair and so many other emotions can seem intent on forcing us down. When it's time to take back control, we're here to help you get back up, stronger.

you can book your appointment, right from this site!

Simply enter our Client Portal, below and click on the time of the Session you prefer, of those still available, and follow the prompts through to your session booking being confirmed, following your own portal account creation, right at the end. Every time you come back you just do the same as above and login to your portal to finish the process.

For more information on booking your sessions, please visit our Bookings Page, here, alternatively feel free to book directly via the schedule, below or send us an email, letting us know your preferred days and times.

If our schedule is completely full please feel free to email us, to see if we can find you a slot that suits.

If, for any reason the bookings window, above, is not working as expected, please click on the following link, to complete the short booking process on Power Diary’s secure website, for your appointment with us: https://my.powerdiary.com/clientportal/goingstrongcounselling.

About us

Going Strong Counselling and Psychotherapy was founded on the principle that no matter how tough times and circumstances get or how hard the fight to deal with personal, social, professional or family-related issues can become, everyone deserves to be heard, understood and supported, with guidance tailored to each client’s situation and goals.

Through our confidential and secure online counselling sessions, we work with you to construct practical strategies, specifically designed to address difficulties and obstacles in your path, in order to enhance your control over the aspects of your life that contribute most to your happiness and overall wellbeing.

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Lead Counsellor - Jon Willemse

“My goal in life is to keep going strong, dealing with all obstacles that come my way in healthy and practical ways, so I can best enjoy my future.

My mission as a counsellor is to help others realize their own personal goals and pathways to happier futures.”


YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL CONTACT@GOINGSTRONGCOUNSELLING.COM FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES, OR AS AN ALTERNATE WAY TO ARRANGE A BOOKING. Or call our 1300 54 57 51 Nationwide Call-back service, any time, day or night. Typical response time is 24 hours on weekdays.

Going Strong Counselling and Psychotherapy provides services online and via telephone across Australia.